Nissan Leaf 2018-2022 Black Vinyl Quilted Top to Bottom – Blue Thread

All covers are Made to Order and Waiting time is 4-6 weeks currently. Photos are for illustrative purposes only. Actual shade of material might be slightly different.


Available on backorder

Available on backorder


• Each part of the seat comes as the separate piece.

• All seat features like moving, folding, slid-ing, controls, air-bags, heating and cooling are kept as original.

• Looks like real leather, but costs a lot less.

• Supplied and fitted by professionals. Fitting available by appointment at our location.

• Low maintenance. Cleaned with water and soap only. No chemicals are recommended.

• Designed specifically to each model of the vehicle.

• 12 months’ warranty for the PVC and the fabric.

• 24 months’ warranty for the Vinyl type.


ERS – Fits over the existing seats – original material stays, looks almost like original seat.


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